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600W ballast s hood s


I need you to buy a ballast with a hood in whichever combination that you choose, but I will not sell a ballast or hood by itself. The equipment all worked the last time I turned it on, and if you have any problems with it, i will give you your money back, or trade you for another piece of equipment I have that works
I have 2 600w HPS magnetic ballasts for $70 each (can be run on 120v or 240v) (if you can it is better to run your equipment on 240 because it draws half the amperage, meaning you can run more lights without tripping the breaker, and it is better for the equipment.)
1 600w lumatek HPS/MH digital ballast $100 (can only be run on 120v)
Hoods all include the glass piece that goes with them
1 Xtrasun valubrite 6" air cooled reflector $60
1 Xtrasun luminaire 6" air cooled reflector $ 65
1 Sunlight Supply Yieldmaster II Supreme 6" air cooled reflector (very new condition) $80
I will knock the cost down if you want to purchase multiple items, meaning more than one hood and ballast combo, and I will also give you used bulbs for free if you need them! I can deliver to north county at my convenience
Call Billy (email is not very good for me)
21five zero one tree seven

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600W ballast s hood s
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