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9758;9758;9758; Complete Ebb n Flow System 3 x 3 Tray


✽✽✽ Complete Ebb And Flow System 3` x 3` Tray
The Duralastics 3` x 3` Complete Flood & Drain Kit comes with everything you need to set up your new growing station (light fixtures and nutrients also available in store, sold separately).
Grow up to 16 plants more efficiently in a limited space. This automated hydroponics method of ebb and flow delivers the perfect amount of water, nutrients and oxygen to your plants. Experience rapid growth rates, high yields, increased nutritional value, better fragrances and flavors.
The Kit includes:
• Flood & Drain Fitting Kit,
• 50 Liter Grow Rocks - Hydroton,
• Eco Plus 264 Pump,
• Black Poly Tubing,
• 16 - 1 gallon Nursery Pots,
• Grounded Dual Outlet Timer,
• 20 Gal Reservoir ,
• 20 Gal Reservoir Lid ,
• Porthole Cover,
• 36"x 36"x 7.5" White Flood Tray (ID)
NOTE: Call for in-stock availability of different tray sizes (2x2, 2x4, 3x6, 4x4, 4x8)
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9758;9758;9758; Complete Ebb n Flow System 3 x 3 Tray
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