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Aerogarden Pro 100 7 Pod Aeroponic Indoor Garden System with EXTRAS


For sale is a fully functioning, well maintained, Aerogarden Pro 100 7 Pod Aeroponic Indoor Garden System.
AeroGarden® 7-Pod Pro-100 with Cutting-Edge Technology
The AeroGarden® 7-Pod Pro-100 with stainless steel accents is the easiest garden you`ll ever tend--no weeding, no watering, no worries! Tomatoes, herbs and salad greens grow twice as fast in this fully contained system. Simply plug it in; select your plant type; add water, nutrient tablets, and growing cartridge and you can be enjoying your first harvest in as little as four weeks. AeroGarden®`s NASA-tested technology grows plants without soil, by bathing roots in an "aeroponic" mist of water and nutrients. The Pro-100`s Adaptive Growth Intelligence system ensures your success by providing plants with the perfect conditions at every stage of growth. It adjusts the brightness of the lights automatically to stimulate the plants` development depending on the stage of their growth cycle and has an additional light to indicate when to replace the lightbulbs.
Comes with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, Plant Domes, and Cherry Tomato Seed Kit.
Original Sale Price: $169.95
Simply pop in the growing cartridges and set the one-button program to the correct plant type
Uses custom Seed Kit cartridges (sold separately) specifically designed for this 7-Pod system
NASA-tested aeroponic technology
Roots are bathed in a fine mist that provides moisture and nutrients
Control panel tells you when to add fertilizer
Full-spectrum grow light adjusts automatically to simulate natural light cycles
18-1/2" L x 15-1/2" W x 20" H

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Aerogarden Pro 100 7 Pod Aeroponic Indoor Garden System with EXTRAS
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