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Ballast and Grow Lights- 2 Lumatek 1000w $150ea / 2Grow Lights - $150ea


I have two Lumatek digital ballasts, (Purple) 1000w but you can adjust to run
and 1200 Super Lumens. They have both been used for one cycle only. They work great! But I am moving to one of those States that frowns upon growing what we grow, so I`d like to pass on the equipment to someone wanting to do a professional grow operation.
They can be used with both a 120volt or a 240volt outlet. Best bang for your buck is with a 240volt.
They will ignite both Mercury (Blue light) and HPS (Red Light) bulbs from 600 - 1200 watts.
Internal RF filter
External Breaker System
I have the original boxes and packing material, and un-filled-out 3 year warranty cards.
I bought them less than a year ago.
I also so have:
Electrical panel for running up to four 240volt ballasts, with timer, everything you need basically. Just run your 240 volt main wire to the back, and you`re ready to roll. $100
Two Sun Systems "Blockbuster" 6" vents, grow lights that will accommodate 600 through 1200 watt MH or HPS bulbs. They both have intact glass. Also essentially brand new - $150 each, 600watt bulb Included. (Bulbs have been used for 1/2 cycle, so they`re good for a minimum of 4 more, probably 6 more grow cycles.
Four 1000 watt realtek bulbs (You use these on the 1200watt super lumens setting as well. They are guaranteed by realtek to be just fine. I used them on 1200watts for two weeks, and they performed like champs. $40/each
Two Ushio 600 watt Mercury (blue light for vegging phase) bulbs - $35ea
Two Ushio 1000 watt Mercury bulbs - $40ea
Three 4.5` X 4.5` drainage trays, with drain valve plumbed in. Plus 3 racks you place them on top of, with casters (rollers). They were $100 each new with $40 of plumbing. The racks cost at least $50 to build considering the wheels. All are barely used. An absolute steal at $100/each.
I`ll throw in a free bag and a half of ProMix soil and 3/4 bag of perlite if you get all of these!
1 BIG 16" Diameter Can Filter with one grow cycle having been run through it, so at least 5 or 6 more tip you`ll need to replace it. It comes WITH the variable speed exhaust fan, AND the variable speed controller (Allows you to equalize your intake and your exhaust. ALSO included is the temperature controlled automatic switch thermometer. $250/all of it
Blue Lab - pH Pens - or Water and For Soil. Awesome NECESSITIES they were $100 each, you get them BOTH for $85
Also have a small T5 Cloning fluorescent light - $10
A least 300 3` stakes - FREE
A Water pump with hose included - $15
A bunch of nutrients and chemicals and stuff including a 3/4 full bottle of Clonex, - $30 for the lot
Also have an EcoAir 4 - air pump aerator for your water reserve - $10

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Ballast and Grow Lights- 2 Lumatek 1000w $150ea / 2Grow Lights - $150ea
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