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Blackstar CHROME 405w, 240w LED FOR SALE


I am selling my Blackstar Chrome 405 watt LED grow light. This light is in like new condition and was $600 when purchased brand new. The light works perfectly and is great for tent or small closet grows due to its low emission of heat (cool to the touch at all times with two built in fans. Runs on 120v and is very cost effective.) I easily hit my yield requirements with this lamp and it produced tight, dense flowers. I am selling this fixture because I was growing in an apartment when purchased and now I have a house with HID lighting. It has approximately 6 months of continuous 12/12 use under its belt.
I also have for sale a Blackstar 240w LED for $150. The condition is like new and works great for flower or veg.
Bonus: Free 250 HPS/MH with magnetic ballast to first buyer. I have had it for nearly 8 years and it works fine. I have no need for it now and it is just taking up space. You can have it for free if you purchase one of the LED fixtures.

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
Blackstar CHROME 405w, 240w LED FOR SALE
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