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Dorm Grow Light


Dorm Grow LED Lights - Brand New! $270
The G8-240 Full Spectrum LED grow light by G8LED is our most popular grow light. This 240W grow light by G8LED has the growing power of 400 Watts of a HID (HPS or MH) System. This light is for vegetative growth & flowering cycles and provides intense coverage for a minimum of 6 square feet and greater. Place two or more 3 feet on center and increase the grow area per light from cross coverage. Add a 90W Red UFOs during flowering for max yield. Penetration up to 60 inches past the plant canopy. We use high quality Infrared diodes which output a nearly invisible wavelength beyond the light spectrum. With electrical savings of about 300 watts per hour, this light will continually save electricity over its 50,000 hour lifetime. G8LED has formulated and tested the ideal color ratio with 8 bands of the color spectrum including Infrared (IR), Ultraviolet plus 6000K white. Make the smart investment for your indoor growing hobby or business with a genuine G8LED indoor growlight. Power Cord and hanging wires included. No ballast needed. Upgrade your grow room and Grow Green with G8LED Technology!
Usually sells for $309 new.

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Dorm Grow Light
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