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everything you need for a indoor grow


Ok I have 4 600 watt lights and lumatek ballasts with mh bulbs and hps bulbs. 2 apollo sun led`s 768 watts each. I have a four foot carbon filter. With a 750 cfm fan. And a 450 cfm fan for exhaust.20 pound co2 tank with regulator and tubing. I have the line up of advanced nutrients. Bud igniter. Big bud overdrive. micro bloom grow. B52. Cal mag. Cannazym. Sugaree. Ph up and down. Heavy sixteen a and b veg. And heavy 16 of gardens drip clean and roots. Ppm meter ph meter. Spray bottles. Ducting. Light hangers. Digital timers and extension cords. 10,000 btu ac unit.The four ballast and hoods are a year old. And everything else is less then two months old. I have ten 7 gal pots too. Everything you need to set up. Call for more specifics. Might be willing to part out if your taking a good amount.

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everything you need for a indoor grow
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