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Grow Cabinet Deluxe 2.0, Only used 4 times


Are you looking for an efficient grow cabinet at a reasonable price? If the answer is "yes," then you clicked on the proper link! I am looking to unload this grow cabinet ASAP, due to taking a job offer in Los Angeles. This unit is in excellent condition and has produced numerous harvests in a sterile, and optimum setting. The following are included in the specifics of this amazing product:
-Weight is 250lbs, the dimensions are 36x24x72
-A full spectrum Dimmable & Digital Lumatek Lighting System on Adjustable Yo-Yo`s for Full Light Control and Maximum Penetration
-Activated Carbon Scrubber for Complete Air Filtration
-Fully Automated SuperPonics System which grows your plants up to 2-5x Faster than traditional methods by combining Top Feed, Deep Water Culture, Bubble, & Aeroponics
-Removable Cloning Chamber with SuperCloner giving you 100% Cloning Success. Powered by two cool white 6500k lights. Perfect for seedlings, clones, mothers, as well as early vegetative growth, and integral for Continual Harvesting Cycles.
-Adjustable Net Screen Trellis which promotes up to 30% Larger & Higher Yielding Plants
-Adjustable Internal Circulation Fan for "4 Corner" Air Distribution
The unit when purchased as is was $2400. I am looking for a very reasonable price of $1600 OBO. Please do not hesitate to contact me if this interests you.

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
Grow Cabinet Deluxe 2.0, Only used 4 times
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