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Grow equiptment fire sale Closet grow, full setup


Greetings, I am moving out of state and no long have any use for my grow equipment. I got through a couple closet harvests with this setup and it did me very well. I am looking to sell everything together for simplicity sake, but if you wanna make me an offer on anything individually i would consider it. The price for everything is well below market value because I am trying to get it sold quickly before I move. If you are thinking about starting your growing adventure then this is an excellent way for you to save a boat load of money to start out!!! This would also make a great vegging setup if you already have something bigger going on.
For sale:
Grow Tent- Secret Jardin DW120--> 2ftx4ft, normal list is about $150+, good shape.
Cool tube HPS/MH 250W with digital ballast and both hps and mh bulbs.
Blackstar 500 LED grow light--> 1 bay out of three is out, still does wonders for plants and runs cool.
2ft, 6 bulb T-5 HO, two bulbs need replaced
Multiple clip fans (3) and a floor fan.
Complete line of Fox Farms nutrients, most bottles are half full or more, plus the soluble trio (pretty much full)
Oakton Waterproof EcoTestr pH 2 and TDS, needs batteries (These are usually $50+ each)
4`` inline duct fan w/muffler, super quiet if you wanna set up in your apartment or just keep things on the DL
Growdan cubes, dome, and rooting hormone and clonex gel.
Clippers, gloves, hangers (6 or more), timers, power cords, power strips.
I have power cords for lights (led and hps) to run either 110 or 220v
This is a complete grow setup and I am selling everything under market value because I need to get it sold quickly before I move out of state. $300 gets you everything, this is around $1000+ worth of stuff. If you want a better picture of anything listed, or have any questions, please respond and I will see what I can do.

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Grow equiptment fire sale Closet grow, full setup
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