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Grow Room Setup Full Hydroponic OBO


I have available for you, a full Hydroponics Grow room Setup... with lots of extras. With set to go public,"AND LEGAL" this July here in Oregon...Get a head start on building your own Indoor Garden... at a fraction of the coast of this equipment brand new...Most of what you see hear has only been used a few times with minimal wear from use...and in great working order....Hear is a list of what`s available.
(2). (Sun System 10, Econo Grow Ballasts) switchable, 1000 watt (High Pressure Sodium), 1000 watt (Metal Halide) Combination Lighting systems, with Optional, (Vented Glass Reflectors) for in room cooling... Paid $550
(1.) Mylar Lighthouse Hydroponics (Grow Tent) Room 8`x4`x7` T009
paid over $200
(1.) (6"x 10"x 20") CHARCOAL AIR SCRUBBER canister , for ODOR CONTROL... with 6" Inline blower fan....Paid $175
(1.) Hydrospirit 9 tray, 36-4" Basket sites,(DWC) Deep Water Culture, Hydroponics grow System, (COMPLETE)....used once..... paid over $500
(1.) Solar Revolution™ state of the art, low profile circular light mover
SRV-4 paid, $ 567.95
(1.) (SENTINEL VGC-27LP) 10 burner CO2 Generator (Propane)
this is one of the biggest, and best on the market Paid $300
(2.) HILUX GRO, HPS Ushio Lamp 1000 Bulbs... Made in Germany... 146,000 lumens, 24,000 hours... Very High Output... best bulbs available. Paid $140
I`m throwing in general Hydroponics bubble bucket system with 3`x3` ebb and flow tray system components....these systems needs a few replacement parts... but they are 90% intact... Paid more than $400 brand new
And lots of Extras :)
In all...I paid roughly $3000 dollars for the entire system, brand new...
I am asking $1,700 (OBO) for everything.... You can be growing your own "LEGAL" Medicine in no time, with this High Quality Hydroponics System.
I`ve priced this to sell, so if you are interested, please contact me with any questions you have about this set up...

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