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Grow set-up. Grow tent, light, ballast, fan and more


I have the following left from my brothers estate. Selling as a package.
Need to sell quick! I`m keeping the tent set up so you can check it out
Secret Jordan Dark Room series grow tent. DR150. Dimensions: 5`x5`x6.5`
Has two small tears in ceiling (see photos) easily fixed
Hydrofarm RD Luminaire Series
8" air cooled hood. Up to 1000 watts. (Needs new piece of glass)
Lumatek electronic ballast
600W M.H/H.P.S.
Model: LK600
Switchable from 360W - 400W - 600W and Super Lumens
Hydrofarm active/air 4" inline fan with ducting tubing, a can filter and stainless steel duct clamps
One Can-fan RS 8 NJB
With large can filter Approx 26" tall and 12"
General Hydroponics Waterfarm
2 gallon growing chamber, 4 gallon reservoir.

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Grow set-up. Grow tent, light, ballast, fan and more

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