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Grow Tent, 600w Digital Lights, 8 Vortex More


Get you grow on with this setup that has proven reliable for me. I got all the fans, lights, and a box of random accessories like light hangers, bulbs, irrigation tubes, and a book on guitar chords.
The tent is a clean HydroHut Silver Edition 6` x 4` size, complete and in perfect shape. I have used the cheap Chinese tents in the past and they just don`t compare to the durability of this one. It has tons of vent holes and is built to last. Excellent condition, with no rips, tears, broken zippers, etc.
Also includes (2) 600w lights. These digital Lumatek ballasts have lasted, and fire up no problems. They include almost-new Hortilux Eye bulbs and Sun System 6" vented/sealed hoods with glass covering.
The Goods:
(1) Hydrohut Silver 6` x 4` tent ($450+ new). Approx 7` high.
(1) 8" 745CFM centrifugal fan
(2) 600w Lumatek ballasts with hortilux bulbs, and glass-sealed 6" vented hoods ($600+ new)
Numerous fans, including a hefty blower made by Lasko, a squirrel cage blower, and a box of accessories (with the guitar chords book!)
I`m looking for $600/bo for everything together. Will consider splitting equipment if needed. If you need some killer clones to get started, I can arrange that as well.
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Grow Tent, 600w Digital Lights, 8 Vortex More

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