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huge grow tent for sale :


Hello, I have this Growlab tent in great condition that measures nearly 7 feet tall, and about 4 feet x 4 feet wide. It is Mylar lined on the inside for maximum light reflection, has plenty of places for ventilation, open/close viewing windows, easy to set up with just one person, and can hold up to 100 pounds of lights and wires. I bought it brand new a while back for 220 bucks..... I am asking $175.00 and you can enjoy the benefits of growing your own produce whether it be fruits, vegetables or herbs, they will be top quality when you use the growlab to suit your indoor gardening needs. feel free to text me at
for more info. will meet up within reason for pick up. Thanks for reading :)

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
huge grow tent for sale :

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