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Hydroponic, Lights, Pumps, Fans, Trays...


Ive got a good amount of hydroponic equipment that I would rather sell to a person interested in growing, rather than back to the store. I would even be willing to come set up a fully functioning room or rooms for you if we make a deal.
I have the equipment to set up 4 rooms, I had a mother room tent +2x t5`s, a cloning room, veg room1x1000 + 1x600, and flowering room 3x 1000 watt
3x 8"sun system xxxl reflectors (the biggest and best)
1x 8"sun system xl reflector
2x open air reflector adapters
4x 1000 watt HarvestPro ballasts, 1x 600 sun system
5x 1000 watt hps bulbs, 1x 1000 watt metal halide, 1x 600 watt hps
2x T5 8 bulb w/ bulbs
10x5x8 reflective grow tent (used for my mothers)
12x5 tray and 50 gal res
5x5 tray and 50 gal res
HydroLogic reverse osmosis water filtration
50 Gal purified water storage barrel
4x cloning trays w/ heating mats and clone lights
All the water and air pumps needed for 5+ rooms
3 vortex intake fans and soooo much ducting
Carbon air filter
extension cords and hoses for days
heaters, air pumps, digital ppm, digital ph, timers, fans, surge protectors, spray bottles, trim scissors, etc... everything from A-Z you need to start except the genetics.
too much to list. I`d really like to make a deal with someone that has the space to set up a similar system that i had running. I will make you a hell of a deal. you may not need it but i am willing to show you how to clone, mother, veg, flower, nutrient levels, ppm, electrical conductivity, pH, oxygenate, air flow, humidity and temp control, set up and maintenance of the rooms. I spent a lot of time and money collecting all the various amenities to get the rooms the way i wanted. Might sell items separately, but not at the same discount. All of my equipment is clean. Never had mites/aphids/root rot/mold etc...
My loss, Your Gain.
Check the pics and Hollar.

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Hydroponic, Lights, Pumps, Fans, Trays...
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