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Indoor CFL green House


Well life has its ways of changing and I can no longer utilize my grow equipment. This was my first and only setup, only had one cycle about 3-4 months of use on EVERYTHING. I purchased the whole setup brand new. Have all recipts to prove dates! All name brand products purchased locally. Have everything you need to get started today. Fans,lights,ducting 4 & 6 inch, digital thermometer/ hygrometer,tent,booster fans, inline fans, fan controller, Secret Hardin DR 90tent. Dimensions are 3x3x7. Portable a/c unit-9500 btu everstar with 6" exhaust. Thing cooled my tent and my actual bedroom! Tent gets down to 49-50 at night (lights off) and about 70-75 with everyything running and the ac on low. Condensation builds up on intake ducting!! Botanicare/general hydroponic nutes, drying rack the list goes on. Please please do not waste my time as I won`t waste yours. 600.00 for the whole setup.
no txts, or calls after 8:30 I work very early in the am and I`m usually asleep by 9.
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Indoor CFL green House
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