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Indoor Grow Tent setup with lights and fans TURNKEY


i`ve got a very nice setup that i`m looking to hand over to the right person(that has cash).
two 4x4x7 grow tents(one tent needs sewing work around the zipper and the other needs new pole brackets but you could make 1 great tent from the two that i have, (3) 400w hps lights and ballasts, (3) vented hoods with glass, (2) 3 foot parabolic umbrella hoods, (12) 3 gallon air-pots, 4 scrog trays with screens, extra ballasts((2)1k hps and 400w hps), (2) 4 inch fans and (1) 6 inch fan, light mover 3.0 with 6foot track, CO2 regulator and tank, collapsible herb drying rack, timers, cords, etc. etc. and more.
it`s everything you`d need for a very nice and compact growing setup.
i was able to harvest 12-18 ounces every 6 weeks in a one bedroom apt and power consumption never went over a hundred a month.
i spent thousands putting it all together, I`m looking for 600bux.
it is a STEAL.
i just want to let it go to someone else but, i`m not giving it away.
my mother was using it to grow but her disability has gotten to a point where she cant maintain it and i no longer have the time to do it either.
anyway... if you are interested please let me know.
here is a link to a video i posted a couple years ago showing everything in operation.
we were ommp licensed and everything was on the up and up.
i`ve already disassembled the whole thing and have it ready to move.
i might be willing to separate some items if you want more than 1 item.
it`s all taking up a lot of space and i`d like to get it into the hands of someone who`s going to use it.

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Indoor Grow Tent setup with lights and fans TURNKEY

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