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LED Grow Light, 7 band 864 Watts


----- This is a powerful grow light that will grow great plants from start to finish! ------
Save a ton of cash with this LED Light !!!
Two 864 Watt LED Lights available, $575 each or the pair for $1050.
Purchased new for $899 each from
Awesome 7-BAND LED PANEL! HIGH POWER 3-WATT LED CHIPS! 864 watts of LED POWER! This is the newest of the new, the 7-Band LED Grow Light.
BRIGHTER / HIGHER OUTPUT - The 7-BAND LED PANEL utilizes 288 THREE-WATT LED CHIPS for unsurpassed light intensity - this is one SUPER BRIGHT LED GROW LIGHT! This is MORE POWER for increased plant growth! Beware of other 1-watt LED chips as they do not possess the light intensity needed for vigorous plant growth and hardy plant development.
WIDER SPECTRUM - The 7-BAND LED PANEL has SEVEN LIGHT SPECTRUMS to help your plants grow to their full potential! 660nm Deep Red for Chlorophyll A, 630nm Bright Red for Chlorophyll B, 460nm Bright Blue for Chlorophyll B, 430nm Deep Blue for Chlorophyll A, 10,000 Kelvin White/Blue spectrum to fill out a complete light spectrum needed for plants to grow properly, 390nm UV Light and 850nm Infrared (IR) Spectrum for VIGOR and Mold/Mildew Prevention.
LED EFFICIENCY - Compared to standard fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) grow lighting technology, the 7-BAND LED PANEL offers lower energy consumption and higher watt-to-plant growth ratios. This means it uses less electricity to grow plants than other common sources because the light spectrum`s on the 7-BAND LED PANEL are custom tailored for plant growth! LED Diodes operate at a 90 degree angle.
LOW HEAT - The 7-BAND LED PANEL emits much less heat than traditional grow light sources (florescent, HID ,etc) creating a much more efficient and manageable indoor garden.
Low Profile: 20" x 12" x 3 1/8"

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LED Grow Light, 7 band 864 Watts
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