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Light fixture with ballast


I`m selling a good combo for really cheap and they have barely been used. I will part out or sell as combo or I`ll sell them all to you for $400 that`s $100 savings
Sun System yield master II with a Lumatek 600w dial-a-watt dimmable ballast W/ 600w hps bulb
Sun system yield master II with Quantum 600w dimmable ballast W/ 600w hps bulb
I have two sets of each, each set is $125, yes both ballasts can work off 240v and 120v and are electronic and work for hps or mh bulbs.
As I sell them I will remove them but as of 12/20 to 12/21 I will sell these 100 a setup and drop it off.
names Kyle give me a call or send me a text. (I get horrible reception so it may take a minute to text back)

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Light fixture with ballast
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