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lots of grow gear


Not growing anymore, looking to get rid of everything. Everything except the tent and hood were used for two runs and the bulbs were only used for one. I`d like to sell all together, but I am willing to separate, I will cut a deal if you buy more than one piece at a time. All prices listed are OBO, I`m really just trying to get rid of all of this, so feel free to send any offers you may have.
Yieldmaster 2 hood - $50
Quantum 600w digital ballast - $100
Grow tent 4x8 - $75
HydroLogic 100 GPD R/O filter - $125 sold
carbon filter - $100
4" can fan (Hydrofarm) - $60
6" can fan with 3 way adjustable speed (Maxfan) - $100 sold
Bluelab ph tester - $60 sold
Plantmax MH bulb - $10
Ushio HPS bulb - $40
I also have an assortment of nutrients and ducting that I`d practically give away

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lots of grow gear
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