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Lumatek and Sunsystem Growing Equipment


I am selling my growing equipment, the equipment is just sitting there and never gets utilized. I have a Sunsystem Yield Master 2 1000w grow light housing and cords(no bulb). I also have a purple Lumatek 600w dimmable M.H./H.P.S. switchable ballast. Lastly I have a Sunsystem Sun Blaze 48 T5 high-output lamp that includes 8 free T5 HO Spectralux 6500K lamps pre-installed in fixtures 3000° K (red) lamps can be purchased separately New wider advanced reflector design offers excellent reflectivity and diffusion. White powder coated steel housing.Louvered for cool operation. Powerful 40,000 Lumens Run on 120 volt power only. 3.6 Amps Daisy chain feature allows up to 2 multiple fixtures to be plugged in together.I am firm on the price as it is a very great value, my name is Ryan please contact me by telephone by the house phone number provided above. Thank you and have a great evening.

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Lumatek and Sunsystem Growing Equipment
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