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Need gone ASAP 1000w Hydro Packages Botanicare Supplements


Need gone ASAP 1000w Hydro Packages & Botanicare Supplements
All of these items I bought in advance but never ended up with enough room to begin. They are all unopened still in the box and having been stored safely.
Prices listed are retail. What I paid myself for the items. Please shoot me an offer though.
2 - Hurricane 6in Inline Fan $110.00 each
Titan Controls Flo N Gro System $600
Eco Plus Oscillating Fan Wall Mount 16in $60
I have two 1000w light packages. They are exactly the same. Both made by Apollo. Each package came with everything listed below. If your wanting to by something from the package separately we can discuss a separate price.
Price for one Apollo set - $390.00
6in 1000w Air Cooled Reflector Hood
1000w Digital Dimmable Ballast
HPS & MH Bulbs
Rope Hangers
24hr Timer Control
Instructions :)
I also have a lot of Botanicare items. Stored in a moderate temperature and never been opened.
From Botanicare:
Cal Mag Plus 1Gal $45
Pure Blend Pro Grow 1Gal $55
Pure Blend Pro Bloom 1Gal $55
Liquid Karma 1Gal $58
Clear Ex 1Quart $16
Aquashield 1Quart $15
Hydroplex 1Quart $40
I also have
Cyco Platinum Silica 1L $32
As stated all prices are negotiable. Im moving around the end of the month so Im willing to work with you to a point.
or leave a voicemail and Ill get back to you asap.
Thanks for looking :)

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Need gone ASAP 1000w Hydro Packages Botanicare Supplements
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