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6500K Fluorescent Grow Lights for Indoor Plants T5 48
* Power Supply: 110V
* Power: 8x 54 watts
* Illumination: 8x 5,000Lum (total 40,000Lum)
* Color Temperature: 6500K white
* Hanging Rope Material: Steel
* T5 Tube Length: 45-1/2"
* Dimension: 48" L x 24" W x 2-1/2" H
* Hanging Rope Vertical Distance: 6" (the top of rope to panel surface)
* Power Cord Length: 7ft
* Recommended Coverage: one panel per 12 square
* UL Certificate
* Perfect for indoor or undercover using.
* Textured brown powder coated steel housing never fades.
* Built-in Fulham WORKHORSE® ballast for stable light output effect.
* 5yrs warranty ballast could be maintained by any Fulham distributions.
* 6500K color temperature fluorescent tubes offer the perfect spectrum.
* German aluminum mirror reflector has 95% reflectivity.
* Advanced W-shade design offers excellent reflectivity & diffusion.
* Two ON-OFF switches is convenient to control the intensity of the light(4lamps on if required).
* Louvers make the ballast and light tubes cool and much safer.
* Lower heated T5 light will protect your plants or fishes/aquatic well.
* Can be hung horizontally or vertically.
* Easy to install and use, plugging into the electric outlet(120 Vac) directly.
* The lumen, lifetime and stability of T5 light is better than those of T8 light.
* Better effect for Coral, Float grass, and Alga to promote better growth than other T5 grow light
Benefits for Plants:
* Can be used to control sprouting in hydroponics.
* More power input for our T5 grow lights is used for your plant chlorophyll production.
* No infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation to destroy your plants.
* More convenient to use our T5 light with the steel hanging cable.
* The best lighting time for plant growing should be 10-14hrs.
Benefits for Aquarium Fishes:
* Provides enough "sunlight" to maintain oxygen production by aquatic`s photosynthesis for fishes.
* Offers day and night alternation surrounding for indoor fishes.
* No infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation to destroy your aquatic and fishes.
* The quadrate T5 light is perfect to cover the whole aquarium.

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