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Quick Start Home Grow


Quick Start Home Grow [turn key]
Here`s what you get:
1- Sun System Hood, HPS/HID [Like new]
2- Phantom II Ballast* (1000 Watt Metal Halide Lamp Light or High Pressure Sodium Lamp Light), and a 1000 Watt HID Bulb. Like New. [see original price on box/photo]
3- Plant Flood-Tray GTLT W24" x L92" x H4"
4- Water Barrel [1]- 55 gallon
5- Plant Shelving -- L 9` ft x W 3` ft x H 19" in
6- Wood framing [ 2x4] 40 x -- between 6- 8 feet long [some have nails but easy adjustment]
7- 37 sq. ft of Bamboo flooring [ base]
Do the math. . .it`s a sweet deal.
Cash Only
$600 firm.
*Phantom II PHB2010 digital grow light ballast! Drive any 1000-watt metal halide or high pressure sodium bulb with ease. This digital ballast has a tri-mode dimmable micro-processor for energy savings and contains hot restrike technology, which senses high lamp temperatures, and will not ignite for 15 minutes when a safe operating temperature is reached. In addition, the Phantom II features a 4-way dimming feature 60, 75, 100, and 110 percent. Not only is the Phantom II PHB1020 the most rigorously tested ballast on the market, it also drives the highest light output for maximum plant growth. On top of the energy savings, this ballast runs completely silent and is the only ballast on the market designed for vertical operation, allowing for cooler operation and optimum grow space.
Includes all power cords.

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Quick Start Home Grow
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