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Radiant Grow Light System


Just in time for bringing the plants in from the cold, this HydroFarm Radiant Grow Light is a great way to deliver the brightest possible light to your plants. It is also excellent for seed germination. Constructed of heavy-duty pre-galvanized steel and lined with high purity European aluminum, the Radiant will give years of dependable growing performance.
The Reflector Size is 9-3/8"H x 21"W x 21"L and includes a 400W full spectrum metal halide bulb and tempered glass lens. Also included is a 110V 400W Xtrasun Power Supply. All cords are supplied. The recommended coverage is a 5` x 5` primary area and an 8` x 8` including supplementary area. This system cost $470 new and is in excellent condition.
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Radiant Grow Light System
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