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Sunblaze T5 Grow light Grow set-up


I recently purchased a t5 grow light, as well as some basic grow equipment, from the grow store on colfax. Unfortunately I dont have the time to put into it so im looking to recoup some of purchase.
Set up includes
-4ft sunblaze high output flourescent fixture, item number 960300
:216 watts (4 bulbs at 54 watts a piece)
:blue lamps (for veg)
- Apollo 7 digital timer, item number 2-100085
- ph balance kit with tester, just about full
-fox farm grow big nutrient with 10 ml used
-active air silver hygro thermometer, item number 550184
I can also include wire retainers, extension cord and pots that fit into a homemade wooden holder (no extra charge)
Will sell individual parts but deal will not be as good

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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
Sunblaze T5 Grow light Grow set-up
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