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Twister 2 Trimming Machine


Twister 2 Trimming Machine (dealer-refurbished) -In Stock

For sale is a refurbished to brand-new condition 2014 twister T2 power trimmer. This unit was previously used as a rental unit and is still under twister's 2 year manufacturer warranty. It has under under 25 total hours of use and has been completely refurbished with a brand new self sharpening blade and tumbler. (More photos available to serious inquiries. ) Was kept in pristine condition and will be delivered the same. We offer free delivery to all of Colorado. Includes both entire cutting and vacuum systems. If you know what this is, then you know no other trimmer even holds a candle to it. Only serious offers.

Even better than the original one!
40% Closer Cut
33% More Power
25% Greater Efficiency

The Twister 2 is the world's fastest leaf trimmer, equipped with the industry's most powerful vacuum along with proprietary blade geometry to deliver the closest cut possible without damaging your product. Its unique, scalable engineering allows for back-to-back tandem use to notably boost productivity, comfortably accommodate large batches and allow for operational growth. Distinctive rotation technology makes the Twister adaptable for use on a broad variety of plants.
Self-sharpening blades perform 19,250 cuts every sixty seconds
Designed for back-to-back tandem use, for even greater performance gains
Strips down in seconds, allowing quick access for cleaning
Completely serviceable by end-user
Watertight components allow for pressure-washing of entire unit

This machine will trim in hours what used to take days.
Less hands and eyes on your product.

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Twister 2 Trimming Machine
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