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1000w Complete Grow Lights CHEAP


Selling a bunch of barely used equipment, I should have bulbs for each of my 10 hoods, price I could prob work with if you buy alot of it, again, near new, barely used, I gave up after running out of money and motivation to continue, I listed beside my price, the cost of new stuff at lowest online cost, no shipping or tax included in the new price I mentioned either, shows what you`d be saving vs buying new, links also listed, have to put the link in if it doesn`t highlight up
10- xtrasun magnetic 1000w ballasts - $50 a piece ($210 new)
2 - Global Greenhouse digital 1000w ballasts - $100 a piece ($305 new)
4 - XXXL magnum hoods, these things are huge and awesome, (8" duct vents) - $90 a piece ($240 new)
1 - Hood that is almost as large as the xxxl as you can see in pics (6" duct vent) - $ 60 a piece ($215 similar new 1)
5 - sun system and maybe other brands but all 5 are identical in size (6" duct vent) - $50 a piece ($180 new)
4 ft carbon filter can with 8" flange - $80 ($280 new +20 for flange)
a nice vortex fan to go on the above 8" flange - $80($235 new)
- 4 x 8 ft, and I think 7 ft tall, grow tent - $80
a small 1ft or so carbon filter can -$20
some inline fan(s), air pumps, and other small things,
text is easiest, or email & Ill get right back, small chance of trade or obo, lmk what you have
Global greenhouse, xtrasun, hoods, ballasts, grow, lights, carbon filter can, hps 1000w, digital, magnetic, 420, medical

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1000w Complete Grow Lights CHEAP
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