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1000W Digital Ballasts Phantom, Nano by C.A.P. Nanolux


All of these ballasts are tested and ready to grow.
5 - HydroFarm PHE1TH240 Phantom Digital 1,000 watt 240V Ballasts with dual fuse breaker circuitry, fan-less design, sequential ignition and run cool technology and it runs silently during operation. This ballast will fire 1000 HPS or MH watt bulbs as well as the latest dual ended bulbs from Gavita, Epapillon, Phillips, GE and Ushio/Uisho. Runs on 240 volts only, great for professional grows.
$160 each
2 C.A.P. XTREME NANO digital 1000w Dimmable ballasts. The smallest digital ballast on the market, and the lightest too. Measures 9.65" x 4.9" x 2.3" and weighing an amazing 2.9lbs. Fan cooled and outfitted with sequential timing. High Output Dimmable Ballast Runs at 100%, 75%, or 50%. Comes with box, manual and 120v or 240v cable depending upon your need.
$130 each
If you are reading this posting, the ballasts are still available and the fastest way to reach me is via text message.
(720) two five four - one eight one six
(Seven two zero) two five four - one eight one six
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1000W Digital Ballasts Phantom, Nano by C.A.P. Nanolux
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