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Sun Blaze T5 Fluorescent + Sun Hut - 3` x 3` Model (Also available - 4`x4`, 2`x4`, 4`x8`, etc)
Whether you are starting a new growing project, adding on to your existing one, or replacing your old equipment, this grow room bundle is the perfect solution at it`s BEST PRICE. Included are all the essential grow room accessories, you can unpack your equipment and have a fully functional portable grow room without the time and hassle of searching for compatible, quality products.
• 1- 40.2"x40.2" Sun Hut Grow Tent
• 1- Sunblaze T5 Fluorescent Fixture (2ft, 4bulbs)
• 1- Sungrip Light Hangers (1 pair)
• 1- Titan Controls Mechanical Timer Apollo 8
• 1- Hurricane Inline Fan (4") 170CFM
• 1- Phresh Carbon Filter (4"x12") 200CFM (Flange included)
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Littleton, CO 80129

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10027;10027;10027; Grow Tent Bundles

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