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2 Amana portable air conditioner heater


Stop sweltering conditions cold! Or heat things up in the winter. At just a touch of the remote control, this portable air conditioner swings into action, delivering room-to-room heat relief with easy portability. A dual-hose design provides efficient and powerful cooling during the dog days of summer. But when winter rolls around, there`s no need to put this unit into storage--you`ll find it just as effective at taking the edge off chills thanks to its 9500 BTU heating capacity. From Amana.
Includes air conditioner, double-hung/casement/slider window installation kit, sliding glass door adapter kit, and safety power cord12,000 BTU cooling/9500 BTU heating capacityThree cooling settingsThree fan speedsHeat/cool functionsDual-hose systemMultidirectional airflowCarbon filterHydrophilic resin-coated coilTemperature setting down to 61 degreesDehumidify functionAuto-evaporation functionSelf-evaporative12-hour on/off timerElectronic controlCools/heats an approximately 600` sq room; however, conditions may vary due to room`s exposure to direct sunlight or door/window openingsMeasures approximately 18-9/16"W x 15-9/16"D x 34-3/16"H

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2 Amana portable air conditioner heater
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