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2 NextGen 600/400watt digital grow light ballasts


MSRP - $250...these ballasts will serve your 600watt bulbs with all the power they can handle... "Like new" condition
NextGen Dual 600w/400w HID (high-intensity discharge) grow light Digital Ballast. Lamp Compatibility: They can run at any voltage from 90v - 260v, making them very versatile. The Universal Lamp Receptacle will accommodate most manufacturers` reflector cords. In addition to these great features, the NextGen Digital Ballasts can run your bulbs up to an amazing 65` away from the ballast. Specifications: 9.5 amps at 120v 4.75 amps at 240v Power Factor: 99.99 Max Lamp Cord Length: 65? Dimensions: 9.5" x 7" x 2" Weight: 4.25 lbs Operating Temp: 0 -140F Cold Lamp Start: < 2 sec. Hot Lamp Start: < 2 min. Includes one 120V power cord. The 240V power cord is sold separate. Universal lamp plug accepts most lamp plug types. This includes the three round prong Hydro farm style plugs and the "S" style plugs that have two round and one flat prong.
90v-260v input voltage; Runs both MH and HPS bulbs
Unique patented technologies As-TIM enhances its life time to 30,000 hours
30% more light than a core and coil ballast; Power factor of 0.99
Cold lamp starts in less than 2 seconds; Hot lamp restarts in less than 2 minutes
Bulb can be run up to 65` from Ballast; Constant lamp voltage prolongs bulb life

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2 NextGen 600/400watt digital grow light ballasts
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