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600W Grow Light System


$150.00 - That`s 1/2 off what we paid and like new! Used for only a few months and in EXCELLENT condition!
The 600 Watt HPS/MH Grow Light System with Remote Ballast and Bat Wing Reflector includes reflector, ballast, bulb, cord and socket. The 600 Watt Xtreme ballasts are wired for 120/240 Volt operation and are MH/HPS switchable.
- Aluminum housing will not rust
- No lens makes changing bulb easy and quick
- Pebbled aluminum interior assures a high light reflectivity and good light dispersion
- Comes with hooks for easy hanging installation of your grow light
- Powered by 120-volt power cord (240-volt cord also available)
The reflector will help direct light toward the plant canopy where it`s needed most. Rubber feet on the base reduce noise and vibration.

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600W Grow Light System
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