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600W indoor grow closet and full set up


I have a full digital 600W indoor grow set up for sale. Includes a 2x4 Agro Max grow tent, 600w digital balast, amp, and bulb,and reflector fully enclosed so that you can run ducting through either side to keep it cool. Also includes inline fan with adjuster to control fan speed and noise, and skunk jr carbn filter. IT IS A GREAT SET UP, ONLY BEEN THROUGH ONE GROW CYCLE. PURCHASED BRAND NEW LAST MARCH. I just do not have space or time to dedicate to growing in my new place. It is easily $1200 in merchandise, I am asking $750 OBO.
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Sorry, the product in this listing is no longer available. Please consider buying new at:
600W indoor grow closet and full set up
Colorado SpringsCO 80903
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