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Aero/Hydro Cloner-9 sitesor more


I personally hand-craft these cloners with your and my safety in mind, because I want to eat what comes out of it too! I use oil free pumps, water safe PVC and if i use any sealant it is aquarium grade safe.
This cloner comes with 9 sites and the cloning collars, a 250 GPH mag drive pump, the bucket and the lid. The cloner is water tight when the lid is on(I wouldn`t open the lid with the sprayers on, it kinda makes a little mess. You can take the clones collars out without making a mess though).Plug and play!
1-5 gallon bucket
1-lid with 9 holes
9-neoprene disks
1-250 GPH Mag-drive pump from active aqua
1-8 sprayer manifold (pvc)
8-360 degree sprayers
All ready built and has been tested for hours, Ready to plug in and play.
This thing is really quiet! I have a bucket of water bubbling to dechlorinate right next to this and i can only hear the bubbles.
I can also custom make one to your specifications for a little extra:
cloner with external pump
12 site cloner
5gallon bubble bucket-dwc(deep water culture)with any add ons you wish-water level indicator, etc.
If you want a medium square one that holds 60 clones- $180-$220
or a large square one that can hold 120 clones- $320
just email me and we can set it up specifically for YOU

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Aero/Hydro Cloner-9 sitesor more
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