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Cloning Machine


I have a huge 165 site cloning machine for sale! Pump included ready to go! Get a ton of clones at once, and reuse the machine for years! Works great, missing two little sprayer nozzles (a couple bucks at any hydro store) or as long as you don`t put a cutting directly above the missing nozzle, it works fine as is. It`s in a 40 gal botanicare reservoir, which does NOT need to be full of water.
Comes with all the neoprene disks that the cutting go in! ($80 value since they are 50 cents each at the grow store!!) Has a plastic dome cover with vent hole, which is not totally necessary since the roots are continuously being misted, but helps for the first few days.
Pump included is nice one, good condition. (another $50 - $80value) I will include extra disks to replace any that get lost or worn out too.
These things are really expensive new and it works fine and comes with all the extra stuff. I can walk you through how to use it if you have any questions.

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Cloning Machine
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