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Entire Indoor Setup- Great Deal


Everything that you would need to start a great indoor garden. There is more stuff that I don`t have mentioned. Average cost of electric to run entire setup $70 a month. LEDs really work and are awesome on your monthly operating cost!! I swear by them!!
4x4x8ft. Grow Tent for Veg
4x8x8ft. Grow Tent for Flower
4x2ft. T5 400watt light for Veg
Power Strip x 2
Cloner w/Dome
Supernova LED Grow Lights w/Enhanced Spectrum 270watt for Flower quantity 2
1 UFO LED Grow Light Enhanced Spectrum 90watt for Flower
Oscillating Fan
Control Wizard-control CO2 Humidity/Temp for Flower
Control Wizard-control Humidity/Temp for Veg
Plant Holders-Supports for Flowering
Drying Rack
Ozone Generator
2 6in Centrifugal Fans and Ducting for Flowering Tent
1 6in Filter
2 4in Centrifugal Fans and Ducting for Veg Tent
Ionic Breeze Air Purifier
CO2 Delivery System-CO2 Tank included
Plant Dishes
Easy adjustable Light holders
Light Timers
Everything but Soil and plant bags
Trying to sell everything together willing to negotiate so lets make a deal!!

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Entire Indoor Setup- Great Deal
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