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ePapillon 1000 watt Light Fixtures


Start of the art fixture for optimum plant growth. The results from these lights are impressive to say the least. If you are not familiar with the fixture and double ended bulb advantages you can reference the companies website Here -
Similar to Gavita but better heat dissipation plus adjustable to 600, 660,
and 1150 watts. Offers wide throw, Perfect for quality light supplementation in greenhouse setting, yet run cool enough to get these amazingly close to your crop. Covers a 4x6 even up to a 4x8 area with solid intensity.
Have two like new ePapillon fixtures complete with bulbs, cords and hoods. They have been run 6 months. These bulbs last much longer than HPS, after a year of solid use they will only lose 5% of output.
$400 each
$800 for both
Please email if interested. I am happy to show.

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ePapillon 1000 watt Light Fixtures
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