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Grow Light Ballast much more


Acquired this hydroponic grow equipment. I have no use for it and I am looking to sell.
With this you will get 1 Lumatek 600w 220v-240v digital ballast.You will need 220v power cord for this. Also this ballast now qualifies for pro rated warranty and I have form. Basically if you send in stickers off ballast and output connector, 120.00 to Lumatek you will get a brand new Lumatek 600w ballast and still get to keep this one you would only need another output connector. You get two 400w Metal Halide ballast one is Tiger other unknown. You will get 3 mogul sockets with these. You will get two 400w metal hallide conversion to high pressure sodium bulbs for flowering by Plantmax 2000k. Five 105w Compact Florescent / CFL bulbs. One Brinks timer, One Intermatic timer, TDS Meter, Milwaukee 600 PH meter, PH Test kit to help calibrate meter, Accurite Humidity and Temp monitor. Two 5 gallon hydro baskets, four 4inch hydro baskets, 2 small baskets, 1 5 gallon bucket seedling starter, Seedling starter plugs, Hydro nutrients that include Botanicare Pureblend Pro that include both veg and flower and Botanicare liquid karma. Ph up and Down by general hydroponics. 1 bag of hydro pellets. 1 four inch 100 cfm inline duct fan. 1 Hydrofarm Active aqua submersible pump. Another unknown submersible pump. 2 Air pumps that have duel pumping lines one in pic looks funny due to foam being placed around it for noise suppression. It just needs cleaned it works great though. You will also get 7 air stones of various sizes. All kinds of seals, tubing, fittings, hoses that will allow you to convert into individual feeder system. And last but not least 2 Ebb & Flow / Flood & drain hydroponic systems with 27 gallon reservoirs and 1 The Cannabis Grow Bible book. I am asking $300.00 cash firm. If interested I will throw in brand new 4x4x7 Lighthouse Hydro Grow tent for 100.00 more otherwise I am selling tent individually for $125.00 I paid $175.00 for it. Again price is firm there is already so much value here. If looking to barter I am willing to consider offers worst I can say is no.

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Grow Light Ballast much more
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