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Moving so I have the following for sale:
Used for one cycle:
Complete Botanicare 2`x3` (nice, thick high-quality plastic) Ebb-and-Flow hydroponic system w/pump, hoses, filters, etc. - $150 (w/free Ecoplus digital timer
2 126watt HydroGrowLed Penetrator lights (really worked great) - $400 for the pair (w/free heavy-duty adjustable height cords)
1 6" Growbright High-Velocity inline fan w/18" Charcoal filter canister -SOLD
TDSTestr UltraBasic - $50
2 250watt HTGSupply convertible HPS/MH grow lights with both HPS&MH bulbs - $300 for the pair (w/free yo-yos)
Nutrients, etc.:
10 Liter Barricade Potassium Silicate (open but virtually unused $230 new) - $125
4 Liter H202 29% (opened approx .5L used) - $25
1 Gal Liquinox B1- $10
4 1 Liter bottles Advanced Nutrients Grandma Enggy`s Seaweed Extract (1 bottle approx 1/2 used rest unopened) - $100 for all 4
2 32oz bottles Dark Energy - $30 each
Prices are fair and firm. Will consider negotiating if you are interested in everything or a substantial portion of everything. Will also consider trades (not 420 though please).

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Grow Lights, Equipment, nutrients
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