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High Intensity Grow Lights


Do you want to bring your garden indoors this winter? Or are you just looking to increase the yield of your indoor harvests?
Due to limited space in my grow area, I`ve decided to help others get growing. I have everything you need to take the next step in your horticultural adventure.
Originally my Sun System "New Wave" T5 lamps retailed at $300 without any bulbs ($25 each). But I`m passing some incredible savings on to you, I am selling these for only $200 (including 8 T5 grow bulbs, a $200 value themselves)
Sunlight Supply`s "Sun Blaze" T5 lamp is a more compact version of the "New Wave". It also comes with a switch, that controls how many bulbs you can have lit at once. This lamp is the best choice for anyone concerned about keeping their grow area small. I am selling this model for $150 (also includes 8 T5 bulbs)
The Yield Master II, also by Sun System, is without a doubt the brightest grow light that can safely be used in a non industrial space. You can interchange between High Pressure Sodium bulbs and Metal Halide bulbs. Includes; 1000 watt electrical ballast, and reflective hood & socket. $250 for the set.
If you`re interested or have any questions email me and I will get back to you shortly.

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High Intensity Grow Lights
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