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Indoor Grow Equipment-BEST OFFER


Agrotech hoods (16)
Hydrofarm RD Luminaire Series hoods (6)
4x8 trays (4)
4x4 trays (2)
3x3 tray (1)
12" carbon filters (2)
10" carbon filters (2)
10" vortex power fans (2)
6" carbon filters (2)
6" vortex power fans (2)
16" wall mount fans (8)
Active Aqua air pump
Electrolux Frigidaire dehumidifier
Ideal Air Commercial-Grade 180-pint dehumidifier (3)
Hydrologic Systems Bigboy water filter
55-gallon reservoirs (2)
Lumatek ballasts (6)
Xrtreme Nano ballasts (2)
31000 Btu seer 15 precharged AC mini split unit with 55` line-set (1 year of use)
8k x 8k Flip flop box
Miscellaneous items:
perlite, wire drying racks, insulated ducting, 3x3" plastic planters, subplanel with breakers, HiLux Gro light bulbs 1000W (16), wooden tray stands with casters, wires, light pulleys, hoses, PVC irrigation manifolds, power cables, sprayers, tubing, etc.
Equipment that needs minor repairs:
AC mini split units-24kbtu (2), 18kbtu, Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier-100-pint
**everything sold together and as is,
$9,000 OBO

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Indoor Grow Equipment-BEST OFFER
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