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Indoor grow equipment current culture DWC Excel air system


I have tons of almost new equipment sitting in a storage needs to be used.
24 site w/13 gallon modules in cch2o double barrel configuration. This system is complete with air pumps and filters,hoses,lids,net pots. Everything you would get when ordered from current culture. Upgraded air system. This system cost easily over 5,000$. Will sell for 2,000$ cash.
Also have a stealth system 4 ton excel air system with 5kw heat,nylon duct,plenum,uv sterilizer this system was over 7,000$ will sell for 2,500$ OBO. Works great and hate to see it go but it`s just sitting
5 ton dantherm package unit ac/dehumidification system that`s brand new. Almost 10K for this ac system. Will sell for 2,000$. It`s never been used.

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Indoor grow equipment current culture DWC Excel air system
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