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iponic 600 Brand New never used


The iPonic does it all -- Fuzzy Logic CO2, Light Timer, Temperature, Humidity, Recycle Timers, Vent Fans, High Temperature Shut-off, Central air conditioning and heating - even add your own custom devices. This is the only controller you will need. The iPonic 600 grows and changes as your grow room changes.
iPonic 600
Standard Equipment
8 - 120 Volt power outlets (6 programmable)
15 Amp input with resettable breaker
Integrated remote sensor for CO2, temperature, humidity, and light with 16 foot cord
Large back-lit touch screen display
Removable USB thumb drive for data storage and automatic growth schedules
6 factory default plug settings -- CO2 device, light timer, recycle timer, humidity device, heating device, and ventilation
2 connections for central air conditioning and heating thermostats
U.L. and C.U.L. approved
All-in-one Controller
CO2 • Environmental • Light Timer • Recycle Timer
CO2 Monitor & Controller
Fuzzy logic CO2 monitor & controller
Self-calibrating PPM monitor
CO2 exhaust fan shut off
120 Volt plug for CO2 regulator or generato
Separate day and night settings
Fully programmable for varied settings week by week
Environmental Controller
Independent heater and cooling device control
Independent humidifier and dehumidifier control
Independent central heating and air conditioning control
Independent ventilation fan control
Fully programmable for varied settings week by week
Day and night settings
Integrated control with CO2 device
Digital Light Timer
Controls an unlimited number of lights with the use of separate light control relay with trigger cable
Controls multiple light banks
Integrated high temperature shut off
Integrated hot bulb restart delay
Fully programmable for varied settings week by week
Digital Recycle Timer
Set time on & time off down to the second
Controls multiple devices on separate schedules
Day/night settings
Fully programmable for varied settings week by week
Special Features
Data Logging • Communications • Support
Data Logging
Removable USB thumb drive
Data log to internal memory
Data log to removable USB
Graph data on controller
Min/Max last 24 hours
Min/Max since reset - CO2, temperature, and humidity
Customizable growth schedule
Veg & bloom pre-programmed growth schedule
Optional communications module
iPonic cloud for remote monitoring and control
Email & SMS text notification
PC software
Smart phone apps
Automatic notifications via text message
Three year warranty
Toll-free tech support
Online support and instruction videos

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iponic 600 Brand New never used
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