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RDWC Under Current Hydroponic System TURN KEY GROW ROOM


THIS IS THE BEST DEAL YOU WILL EVER FIND, PERIOD!! 10 site 6.7g per site, Square sites with EVERYTHING!! ~600gph Recirculation pump, 2 MONSTER Airpumps, All seals, airlines, plumbing, drain hose, backup pump, even HYDROTON & AIRSTONES!! Used for 8weeks, LIKE NEW! Easy to setup, requires no tools to set up. I also have a Aqua Logic 1/3hp Titanium drop in water chiller(Cost me $1150.00) selling for $400 obo & a 15000btu portable A/C unit. (Cost me$500.00) selling for 250obo 50gallon rain-catch barrel/extra large res $50 obo I have over $5,000.00 into the setup! My loss is your UNREAL GAIN! I CAN`T believe I`m even selling this stuff so cheap, but Amendment 2 failed and I guess I`ll get another setup in 2016! I also have a sh1tload of Nutrients Ill throw in if offer is right. CALL Kris at 386-5six9-858I Chiller also works great for growing coral & salt water fish tanks!!

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RDWC Under Current Hydroponic System TURN KEY GROW ROOM
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