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Sunblaze T5 4 bulb fluorescent grow light


Hi I have a Sunblaze 48" 4 bulb T5 unit that I purchased about a month ago and have realized I do not need it for the space I have. I put 3 units in and it`s just to much so one is up for grabs. I only used it for about 2 weeks before I removed it from the room. It comes with the bulbs that were purchased new with the rest of it that only have 2 weeks on them as well. I paid $130 for the unit and $40 for the bulbs so I have $170 into it but $100 or best offer takes it. It`s in perfect shape with no dents or scratches and is ready to go. I put a pic of the spec sticker in the add if it helps. Please call or text for inquiry
ask for adam

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Sunblaze T5 4 bulb fluorescent grow light
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