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Turn Key MMJ Dispensary for sale


To answer the big question, why are we letting our dispensary go. The reasons are of a personal nature and not rooted in anyway to the failure of the dispensary to perform. Two partners were found to have been embezzling and the hit was substantial. The passion and drive to move forward after this discovery just isn`t there. FYI, we have been an above board, on the books, play by the rules dispensary. We pay taxes and our employees are not under the table. In other words, this is not a rogue pot shop waiting to be raided and shut down.
In the spirit of cutting our losses and moving on in a fresh direction, we have decided to make someone a very stellar deal and not be hung up on a long, drawn out process. We are asking $85,000. plus a $10,000 deposit transfer. All you need is to put your quality product on the shelves, staff your shop and make good use of the back space and you`re up and running in a very 420 friendly town. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have. Serious inquiries only please!! This is a deal and anyone who knows the business and the area will clearly get that. Thanks for reading!

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Turn Key MMJ Dispensary for sale
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