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1000w Grow light HPS full ballast


I have for sale 1 sunleaves systems high pressure sodium hydroponic grow light for all of your indoor vegetable gardening needs! It is virtually unused and in mint condition. used for less than one week and has full heavy duty ballast tank as well as a full spectrum reflector hood! About to travel the country in my rv so i cant really take it with me. Awesome light for deep water culture,sea of green or soil\wick systems. The price is somewhat negotiable but keep in mind I paid nearly 500$ for the system and its brand new so dont bother with super low ball offers.Will consider trades for man toys. Please dont call after 8:00 you wont get an answer. I will post pictures as soon as i get home thanks for looking.
grow light 420 gardening vegetables smoke hps green bud thc high pressure sodium lamp

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1000w Grow light HPS full ballast
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