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Aerogarden 6 w/Power Grow Light Booster


I have 3 silver Aerogarden 6 models and I am selling EACH ONE for $95 firm.
These are the same size and shape as the Aerogarden 7 model, except that they hold 6, not 7 plants - they are not what Aerogarden is now calling Aerogarden 6 (the new ones are corner versions). They are the full size Aerogardens that hold 6, not 7 plants. I have found the there is more yield with 6 plants instead of 7 - the Aerogardens with 7 plants tend to crowd each other and produce less yield per plant.
They are about 2 years old. I`ve only used them for about 4 harvests and I`m replacing them with the new LED versions. They have been fabulous for growing herbs and tomatoes that have been transplanted to my patio in the spring. They already have the Power Boosters attached to them which really work well for faster growth and increased yield. These are in great shape, everything works fine. This is a great deal for this model and color!
These are stock photos. It`s too dark in my kitchen to take good photos of the real things :-)

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Aerogarden 6 w/Power Grow Light Booster
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