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All-in-One Grow Kit for Small Closet: 6-8 plants


This is everything you need to do a 6-8 plant grow. I just did one but don`t think Ill take the time to do another so I am selling my equipment - and cheap. I travel too much to watch over plants so perhaps you can be the new owner and get up and running in no time. Lots of extras included too.
Equipment included:
Air Cooled Reflector-6 in. with Hinged Door/Reflective Aluminum
Quantum 600 Watt Dimmable Electronic Ballast
Boogie Blue water filter
Badass Brand Metal Halide 600w
Interlux 600W Super HPS Lamp
Blue Lab Nutrient Meter
Oakton PH1 Eco Tester - PH
GRO1 5 Gallon Hydroponic Extractor 7 Bags Kit
Ecoplus Airpump
Ecoplus Round-Air Stone
Bamboo Stakes (50 pcs)
Gro1 Straight Trimming Shears (x2)
Gro 1 Dual Outlet Digital Timer 120V
Woods Appliance Timer
Measuring Shot Glass
Plant Tape
Plant Wire
Nutrients : Various
iPower GLROPE Grow Light Heavy Duty Adjustable Grow Light Ratchet Rope Hanger

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All-in-One Grow Kit for Small Closet: 6-8 plants
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