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complete grow room.... 10,800 watts... co2 gen Plug and play


I am selling a complete grow room. Either expand your grow or start a new one! all of this equipment is in very very good condition and is name brand.
8 lumatek digital adj. 1000 watt 240v lumatek ballasts
2 sunleaves electronic 1000 watt ballasts
2 400 watt dig adjustable 110v ballasts
8 sunspot 6 hoods air cooled, 4 hanging plugs
8 extentions for the ballasts
sub panel with individual plug ins, 2 intermatic timers, over 100` of thick cord to plug into the fuse box
t 5 8 bulb panel light
t5 6 panel light
hydrogen pro water cooled co2 generator
2 8 inch windtunnel super quiet fans
3 8 inch high volume inline fans
1 6 inch inline fan with a tall filter
1 4 inch fan with a small can filter
silencer for the fan system
blue lab guardian ec , ph , temp moniter
Bonaire evap cooler
light movers
5 3`x 6` botanicare trays
lots of plywood, and double bubble insulation with reflective on both sides cuts the ir exposure to zero
6 ir blocking hood covers
light movers
1/4 hp chiller
2 r.o. stealth filters 100. and 200
filiters , fittings, extentions
There is a lot to list and more stuff than listed. this is the big stuff all in all over 25k in gear and materials. willing to trade all for high grade
mj ,

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complete grow room.... 10,800 watts... co2 gen Plug and play
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